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August 30, 2009 - 02:10 PM
Simon Rekab Lawless

Dear Murray Family,

My thoughts are with you in this tragic time, putting a round figure on the time that has passed makes you realize how fast time goes by. Please know that just because it has been 10 years my friends and I still keep Raonaid's memory alive, we all still think of her when we think back to our teen years the Temple, Central Bank, The Stubledie things, Blackrock park, the peoples park and all of the other strange and wonderfull places we used to hang out.

We were a strange bunch I must admit and we used to take pride in our strangeness, it was a phase I can now admit, but unusually we were for most part a very happy bunch. Some of the things that brought all of us together were problems at home or problems at school but in Raonaids case it was neither of these, Raonaid was the happiest one of us and although she listened to the same music and sometimes wore the same dark and unusual clothing we wore she was just so happy, the thing that brought her into our group was the love she had for her friends, she just wanted to be around and be involved.

It seems like only yesterday that i had Raonaid on the back of my bike Cycling her home, or calling over to your house to ask if she was there. I still wake up in the middle of the night because i was dreaming about her and many times it has brought me to tears, sometimes actually most times i smile or laugh thinking about her because she was just so funny and bright.

I will never forget You Raonaid, I will always love you and i know someday justice will be served.

To all my dear friends reading this web page please do not hesitate to write your memories down no matter how small or vague they may be as i have talked to many of you about her in the past and you have all said such beautiful things, please don't be shy let the Murray's know how this beautiful wonderful girl effected your life.

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