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August 29, 2009 - 01:24 AM
Shane O\'Neill

I didn't know Raonaid or the Murray family, but I have lost three of my best friends to suicide, and a former neighbour, also called Murray to murder which occured in March 2009.

March was never a good month for me, but losing a friend to suicide on March 8th, and a former neighbour to murder on March 18/19 or 20th is terrible.

I can imagine what Raonaid's friends must be feeling, as I am feeling it too.

The pain never eases, one just learns to cope in some way.

I know what the depression can be like, I have felt it for months, I know the despair of losing friends that you love and cherish.

I feel a hypocrite for saying this because it is so hard for me to practise it, but, stay strong.

I feel that I shoudn't have said that because I am so weak myself.

What I have done to ease the pain I have felt is not something I should discuss here, save to say, it was destructive, and I find it so hard to stop and find another way.

The family and friends of Raoinad are in my thoughts, as are all the families I have known down the years.

As Christy Moore said in one of his songs, "The humour of nature is cruel"

Take care, be strong, be gentle on yourselves.

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