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August 27, 2009 - 04:33 PM
Daniel Murray

Soft Sadness

Sitting alone acting at life
Trying to feel
Forbidden by the cure
Till awakened by the soft sadness

Grown down from unbearable pain
Grief for another's loss
Called mine
But .... hers

It is she who won't live
It is she who won't smile
Turn Eighteen

Numbed by time
And foolishness
Of self and others
Drink of consolation

Which does sometime
Bring down the rain
On the soft sadness
Washes off its disguise

Not soft with the easing of time's hand
But more covered with soil and clay
As an old mine that never will go
..... or be asked to

Sitting under the clay
that makes it soft
.... and unseen
Until exposed by the rain


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