Raonaid Murray


                                January 1982 to September 1999









"Listening for songs the heart was to have sung"

Soft Sadness

Sitting alone acting at life
Trying to feel
Forbidden by the cure
Till awakened by the soft sadness

Grown down from unbearable pain
Grief for another's loss
Called mine
But .... hers

It is she who won't live
It is she who won't smile
Turn Eighteen

Numbed by time
And foolishness
Of self and others
Drink of consolation

Which does sometime
Bring down the rain
On the soft sadness
Washes off its disguise

Not soft with the easing of time's hand
But more covered with soil and clay
As an old mine that never will go
..... or be asked to

Sitting under the clay
that makes it soft
.... and unseen
Until exposed by the rain



We, Raonaid’s parents, brother and sister, are launching this website on the 10th Anniversary of Raonaid’s murder.  This website is being set up to pay Tribute to Raonaid, and to honour her beautiful life, which was tragically taken from her.


Raonaid, to us was a treasure beyond words.  She was our flesh and blood, loving, caring, bright and beautiful and at seventeen years of age she was looking forward and full of hope for her future life. She was an ordinary girl, just like your sister, your friend, your daughter but to us she was unique and precious, just as your loved one is to you.  She loved poetry, music, animals, writing and like every teenager, being out with her friends.    All of this was taken from her on the 4thSeptember 1999, when she was attacked and died on the pavement, just a short distance from her home.


Time has not healed the pain of Raonaid’s loss for us.  Her death has left a deep void in our lives as we never hear her coming in the door, or see her curled up on the settee listening to music or watching t.v.   It is the little ordinary things that we miss so much – the sheer joy of her presence.   She was our sunflower.  


On this, the 10thAnniversary of Raonaid’s death, we invite you, who knew and loved Raonaid, to express what she meant to you and post a Tribute to her on this website.  We also invite anyone who has been moved by what happened to Raonaid to contribute your thoughts to this website. 


 A Tribute to Raonaid acknowledges the value of her life and the best Tribute you can pay to her is to help us now and give us some information about what happened to our daughter.  Please don’t  let the 10 years that have passed, stop you from helping us now. This website is an opportunity for you to pass on any information that you have now.   Please help us and post your information on this website or ring the confidential phone number given here.


We ask this for Raonaid, for us and for all her family and friends.



The Pain of Loss

Nothing can fill the gap when we are away from those we love, and it would be wrong

To try to find anything. We must simply hold out and win through. That sounds

Very hard at first, but at the same time it is a consolation, since leaving

The gap unfilled preserves the bonds between us.

It’s no good to say that God fills the gap.

God does not fill it, but keeps it empty so that our communion with one another

May be kept alive, even at the cost of agony.





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